Where am I ???

Through my thoughts, I wander off to places I was before
Searching for answers to where I will end up
Is it the road I walk upon clouded with fog
A question multiply with every answer I get
It never silences trough the train of thoughts that passes by
So who am I???

Kneeling in the grass of yesterday to memories the feel
Is this where everything should be clear and aware
I hear the voices of the past whisper about my pad I left behind
Does it matter that I wonder but not fear
It is like rain falling on a roof but can’t hear
Why am I here ???

Clouds of memories fading like the night for the day
They are no longer useful in the place where we stay
Here in the void of nothingness, it is silent and bright
Brought back to the start of the beginning for a new day
The mind will show me the new ways
Where am I ???

I am here in the now to learn and teach
Born again to give a hand to those who reach
Like the sun I came up after going down so many times
Now I shine my bright luminous light upon the minds
That is where I am now !!!

Photo by kendall hoopes on Pexels.com



Published by mind1976

Who am I? I'm an artist that writes, paints, designs and has a big heart for every living organism on this planet. Here I will write about everything that will touch and sometimes teach. Spiritual and kindness spreading all over the globe. Random acts of kindness will give more than we think. Hopefully, it will help to bring more understanding and love on this planet. Namasté Rob

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