Let’s create an energy storm

Photo by Killian Eon on Pexels.com

Let’s start at the beginning and see if I can make it clear for everyone. We all want a better and loving world without pain and hunger, so how could we make it happen? There are awareness and worldwide meditation groups that try to raise the energy to a higher level. We can raise our energy levels by meditation and focus on what we want. Science already proven that it is possible. With brain scans and monitoring, it showed that certain parts of the brain lid up, these parts normally wouldn’t be active. But when in a meditative state it will be.
But how does it create an energy storm? When I thought about it, it gave me an idea. What if we all meditate and use the law of attraction in a positive and non-selfish way. Aim it on how the universe could help the world and mother nature. By raising our awareness and love to all that lives and grows.

Take the ME bit out of the affirmation and make it a WE bit. It is just theoretically but if we can do it for ourselves we can do it for the rest of the world. Sharing is caring right, so why not give it a try when we go into meditation and raise the whole world to another level. If every person on this planet that knows meditation does this it will make a HUGE change in my opinion. Heal them to heal us.

As I said it might create an energy storm of positivity and love.

Rob (Mr.Mind)

Let me know what you think about this.

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Who am I? I'm an artist that writes, paints, designs and has a big heart for every living organism on this planet. Here I will write about everything that will touch and sometimes teach. Spiritual and kindness spreading all over the globe. Random acts of kindness will give more than we think. Hopefully, it will help to bring more understanding and love on this planet. Namasté Rob

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