Why I am alive

Photo by lalesh aldarwish on Pexels.com

In a world so full of itself, I run in circles to find the exit
But where is the kindness gone? I am lost within
Some say it is the way we should go to be free
But it doesn’t count for all, or is this just me
Inside I feel the burning of my energy deeply
The reasons I cry for those who suffer and are lost

In a world so depressed and angry, I detest
Nothing could ever make me change my feeling or sight
They say it is how it is, and we shouldn’t be free
Forgive me as I refuse to stop being me
I live to be and to help to understand this madland
The more reason I got to be kind and lend a hand

Why do we hide in the world of shadows every day
Can we please shed some light on the forever night inside
Let me show you the world that is waiting for all
Nature calls while Humanity grows never to fall
The call of empathy is in the air tonight
That is why I am alive

Namasté 🙏

Published by mind1976

Who am I? I'm an artist that writes, paints, designs and has a big heart for every living organism on this planet. Here I will write about everything that will touch and sometimes teach. Spiritual and kindness spreading all over the globe. Random acts of kindness will give more than we think. Hopefully, it will help to bring more understanding and love on this planet. Namasté Rob

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