Who am I

Photo by Kourosh Qaffari on Pexels.com

I am Rob a dutch artist (Mind-Art.nl) that loves to write, paint, design and create, most of my work will be based on how i see and feel the world. Trying to create more awareness about everything that is important to the world/planet and everything living on it. Caring is sharing as they say, so that is why i started to write blogs as well as doing other creative things. We live in a pressure cooker now days, so time to get some steam of it. Lets do that with love and respect.

I create art that makes people think and feel better. My aim is to create art in a affordable way so everyone can have something lovely to put in their castle. To me the world is now my playground to build up a warm and friendly place for everyone to live in. When i started my journey into to world of self knowledge and spirituality it gave me so much love and sadness at the same time. So i made a promise to the universe to give something to the world that was helpful and heart warming. Hopefully the start i made here does it’s part in it.


Feel free to comment on the posts, i won't bite 😉
Have a blessed day and life.

Rob (Mr.Mind)


We dream in a world that creates nightmares.Let’s colour it in with love and respect.


Let’s build something together.

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