Deep shit

Making history is being fooled by the rules that have been spewedThinking straight like a whirlwind breaking waves for statusNothingness in a world full of likes and thumbs, so dumbTalking about things we can’t see or understand makes everything blindHearing voices sing and talk like masters of sound in clouds full of mistBeing neutral isContinue reading “Deep shit”

I wonder about the light

Fallen but not broken from a height.The mindless wondering of a soul that needs sight.I wonder about the light every time in the shadows when I hide.Never become careless from fear and grief.Is it the coldness that makes it tens?Humanity lost its kindness and belief inside.My fear for all of mankind is that I don’tContinue reading “I wonder about the light”

Feel the feather lift you

Inside, the grinding stone turns and crushes my soul.I open my eyes every waking day to find the pain.Cruelty has taken over your personality and changed the light.Understanding but not accepting the cruel fate that has become you.I wish the feathers to lift and heal your fragile soul.Your eyes, sad and full of frustration, cryContinue reading “Feel the feather lift you”

disconnected the disconnection

This time the connection was disrupted from the insideNow the ripped line is open for the actual contentTime took a while to understand that I am on the driftWhile I know the nation I roam in is empty and frailMy autopilot cracked open to breach the factsBrainless and full fear of why I feel soContinue reading “disconnected the disconnection”


The dreams dissolved by manipulative teachingNo more thinking for yourself because of deformed answersWorking down a line of corporate greed ending your time of the real needPain caused by not seeing the true feelings inside Shameless world of inhuman humanityShameless the ways we agree with the slavery of ourselvesShameless the tunes we sing on theContinue reading “Shameless”