Inside the fields of me

Inside I am me the outside
Opening the world for the new love
Hands open to reach out to guide
Mind dreamed of this time to come
Here we stand at the beginning of the new
Safe and well but full of doubt and fear
How did we become so confused about who we are

Wishing for answers that already exist inside
Find it with your eyes closed
We are born gifted with all we need
Understanding is just a word in the language spoken
Mindful in a state of being outside me
Find it the set yourself free to grow

In this all, we dive through glass walls
Pain as the engine to keep us here
Inside the fields of me, I see
Bigger and stronger than I could ever be
We no longer exist inside a dream
We are the new beings of free



Published by mind1976

Who am I? I'm an artist that writes, paints, designs and has a big heart for every living organism on this planet. Here I will write about everything that will touch and sometimes teach. Spiritual and kindness spreading all over the globe. Random acts of kindness will give more than we think. Hopefully, it will help to bring more understanding and love on this planet. Namasté Rob

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