Silence speaks loud

In between the time to be and the time to rest
Somewhere deep inside there lives the test
Opening up more than you expect it to affect
Known to go over the borders and suffer the pain
I will always recover and remain the same
With all due respect, I will never give way or accept
Learning it day by day and step by step
I am becoming the silence that needs to be next

In the time of standing here and going there
There is this path of knowledge and effect
I need more rest to be able to reset
Am I so loud while I am in silence in the now
Learning as a curve of reason and sanity
I can’t be going on as I did, I have to admit
It will destroy all If build to resist

My silence speaks loudly and proud
I know where I came from and where I am about
No reason to be stressed just to be blessed in the here and now
Silence speaks loud
There is no doubt

Namasté 🙏

Published by mind1976

Who am I? I'm an artist that writes, paints, designs and has a big heart for every living organism on this planet. Here I will write about everything that will touch and sometimes teach. Spiritual and kindness spreading all over the globe. Random acts of kindness will give more than we think. Hopefully, it will help to bring more understanding and love on this planet. Namasté Rob

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