2020 the year of the rise

We all have come across the meaning of numbers in our lives in one way or another. In the numerology, several calculations can be applied to the numbers.

The definition of number 2 is kindness, balance, tact, equalization, and duality. The number 2 reflects a quiet power of judgment and the necessity for planning. The spiritual meaning of number 2 also deals with exchanges established with others, connections, and communication. 2 urges us out of our indecision, asks us to unite with like-minded, and ideals. 2 requires us to use our natural flow of decision to do what is most profitable for our souls.

The definition of number 0 symbolizes the connection between all living things. Because 0 is an eternal symbol, Number 0 has been considered to be a symbol of eternity. This number attracts your attention to the spiritual world. You ought to seek out a “universal force” throughout this time. It is also the number that is the start of all that exists. Every living thing on this planet has a connection with the 0.

So what does it mean when the two and the 0 are connected? 20-20 gives me personal a positive vibe. If we look at the 2, it shows where we are going as humanity. Dividing will come to a stop and coming together as a whole is what I feel. 2020 is a cycle number that reveals the things we went through and how we will rise above the struggles. Don’t get me wrong. It will still be a rocky road, and we see some difficult things coming our way. But we are stronger and wiser than the past years. Significant changes we will see for sure. The number 0 tells us to rise above and grow spiritually and in love.

So 2020 will be the year that will let us all rise and become a more united humanity. Forgiveness and love will grow on the globe. We, as individuals, will have a big hand in all of this. Our personal growth will be a massive part of it. We can do this by practicing our mindfulness and meditations. I am ready for it, are you?


New Years Revolution

I have been thinking about this for a long time now. I feel bloody emotional at this moment because of all the things I have seen in the past decades. Trying to understand the place we are and where we go. We keep on falling for the same things and walk the same roads hoping it will change. Time to stop making new years resolutions but start a New Years Revolution. 2020 is the number of change and standing together in love and understanding. Raise our fists in the air and stop being divided by fear and lies. Our planet needs our love as well as we do. If we keep going as we do, it will be tough and even more challenging. I can assure you we are capable of changing things for the better for all of us. Raise the love inside and show the world a kind face instead of fear or anger. It starts with ourselves in the first place. Mediation is a tool to find your inner love and self-respect, use it and let your beaming smile touch the hearts of others around you and strangers you come across. Promise yourself this and promise me that you will be love and kindness for yourself.

I grew the last decades so much and seen the things I had to change to understand more about the way we live. We are running short on time now more than ever, but it is not too late to start the change within ourselves and show the true love and compassion to the world. Take the hands that reach out, talk to the man on the street that needs a ear. Be kindness, be love, be the real you. Remember your inner child that was so free and full of wonder. We can do this if we do this together even if we are a million miles apart.

I love you all from the bottom of my heart. Namasté wonderful people.

Mr.Mind (Rob)

Meet your spirit guide Hypnosis

Photo by Jonas Ferlin on Pexels.com

Interesting and helpful hypnosis for beginners. I tried this one myself and i have to say it is a wonderful tool to get comfortable with spirit guides. Give it a try and see what you find helpful and how it helped you. Enjoy the ride and say hi from me To your spirit guides when you meet them. (use your headphones while using this. don’t operate machinery or participate in traffic. do it in the safety of your own home )

Namasté (Mr.Mind)

Spark of Light

Send out the vibe that controls your love
Open your heart to get the energy flowing
Sending out the feelings is opening a door
Mind and body start to glow in overflow
The fire sparks and I am lit

Opening the door to the next realm of being
Here it starts to grow and grow till everything glows
Balancing thoughts until it silenced
State of mind and heart open and sharp
Sparks rise to light it all

The shadows dissolve, and the golden glow takes over
Raise the hands above the crown to feel the line
We are standing at the door to new and love
Worry and pain will go like the shadows in the light
We are the spark of light


Photo by Edgar Colomba on Pexels.com

My world Hurts

I breathe so profoundly full of strength it hurts
My eye’s shut close so hard it feels numb
I am inside today to pray the world into a new life
My tears burn on my cheeks while finding the path to the ground

Suffering for those who suffer
Crying for those who can’t cry
Feeling for those who can’t feel
believing for those who can’t believe

We share the energy we grow out of
Here it is the forever field of love
Step inside and grab my hand
Let me guide you to the other side of this
No longer will I allow suffering and pain

We grow and grow into the realm of new
Our chaos will stop and settle down
We will stand up and rise to love and feel
Trust in your energy that burns inside
We are all that we can be

My world hurts
Let’s end the pain and suffering
Please help me to help the ones that can’t see it
My world hurts so bad
Let’s crush the hate and fill it with love
My world hurts



Photo by Zac Frith on Pexels.com

No Reason to Reason

No reason to reason with my thoughts
These are built and grown inside my own
I walk my road in silence with conversations
Sometimes I stand and wait to listen
No reason to reason I say and go on my way

No reason to reason with my thoughts
The thoughts try to put up a fight inside
Beating my confidence till it crumbles
Nothing will stay down for long in shambles
Building up from the ground strong
No reason to reason with fear

No reason to reason about emotions
The truth is inside me, and I have to feel
When I turn silent and let it all pass by in motion
Then I know I am real and alive
No reason to reason with all of it

Just breath and BE


Water is Life

I am posting this to support Lyla June with her fight for clean water and a cleaner planet. Please take the time to check her work and what she stands for. Much Love Mr.Mind

Lyla June protected water at Standing Rock. Now I’m defending my generation from the politicians who betray us. Learn why this election will tip the scales of human history. Donate today to change the world with us: http://bit.ly/electlyla 

The Cry Of Mother

Photo by Александр Прокофьев on Pexels.com

The ocean is singing the sorrow of the world in the night
When is the pain going to ease down and settle us
Is there more than the plaster we put on it with the lies
Mother forgive us for being selfish and not caring about
I stand and watch the fish die and wash ashore

My eyes run tears while my heart hurts
I will scream and fight until mother nature is save again
The growing of empathy in humanity is what I want to see
We are more than just the only ones here
Please stand with me and wave the waves of the sea
Save the air we breathe and the plants and trees that grow

Mother nature, please forgive them for they do not know
They will see soon enough that your pain is real and sadness you feel
I am on my knees to ask for forgiveness of all of humankind
Let us rebuild and clean to regain the strength once again
Mother, please understand we were careless and vain

Once we start to clear the sky and green the trees
Once we fill and clean your veins
Once we understand that we can live with you and your children
Once we say sorry for all we did
Once you see that we need you more then you me

Mother, I love you.

Photo by Victor Freitas on Pexels.com



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