Art is Me

It all started when I needed to silence my mind and find a way to ease the pain. I went through depression and finding myself, so I started with writing lyrics and poems. I found out that getting your feelings out of your head and on paper was relieving me. That grew into something bigger and stronger creatively. I started to pick up my drawing and sketching as well. I felt free, and it gave me a boost to explore the creative path more. Painting came in shortly after and stuck with me until today. Being creative frees you from stress and thoughts. I like to share some of my work here. It is what they say, “Art is Personal”.
I hope you all enjoy it and it might spark your creative streak.

Mr.Mind (Rob)


Beside painting on canvas i do much more. Redesign / upcycle of products, digital art, writing and designing of logo’s and images. These things you can find at

Hold On….


I know the road ahead is hard and long
But don’t forget the lessons you learned along the way
See how far you have come along
It is not a race, so slow down and breath a bit
Don’t worry about the tears you shed they washed your eyes
Your soul will guide you to the end

Hold my hand, close your eyes without fear
You are never going to be alone in this
The black cloud will clear soon as you open up
Everything is happening inside your mind
Feel the beating of your heart and take that breath

Nothing can stop you anymore from lifting yourself from the deep
I have been on the bottom of this well
Let me show you the rope that will help you climb
I know the anger and the sadness will only poison your sight
Let your eyes shine bright full of love and grace

There is no need to keep up the fight
You are in control of all it’s power and strength
Time to open your eyes and look into the sunlight
Breath and smile with all your might
Crack the mask that kept everything out of sight

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If you suffer with depression or feel like you are down, never hide but seek help and talk about how you feel.

Check these sites for help. You are never alone.



Inspirational spiritual music

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I just wanted to share some music that inspires me and lifts me while writing or painting. It might be a bit different then most people will think off when I say spiritual music. Hopefully, it will give some energy and it touches something in you all.


Music is so powerful in our way to the higher-self. I use it to open my energy and let the hands run over the canvas or keyboard. Enjoy the trip with a modern way of spiritual music.



Where am I ???

Through my thoughts, I wander off to places I was before
Searching for answers to where I will end up
Is it the road I walk upon clouded with fog
A question multiply with every answer I get
It never silences trough the train of thoughts that passes by
So who am I???

Kneeling in the grass of yesterday to memories the feel
Is this where everything should be clear and aware
I hear the voices of the past whisper about my pad I left behind
Does it matter that I wonder but not fear
It is like rain falling on a roof but can’t hear
Why am I here ???

Clouds of memories fading like the night for the day
They are no longer useful in the place where we stay
Here in the void of nothingness, it is silent and bright
Brought back to the start of the beginning for a new day
The mind will show me the new ways
Where am I ???

I am here in the now to learn and teach
Born again to give a hand to those who reach
Like the sun I came up after going down so many times
Now I shine my bright luminous light upon the minds
That is where I am now !!!

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We don’t belong here

I know it is a strange title for a blog post. It will be clear while you read it. We look at newspapers, news on tv, listen to radio programs that spit out things that send us into fear and worry. Why does it freak us out and put us into a state of fear? There is a reason why this is happening, making us receptive is where it is for, it makes that we take things in easy and without question. That is the reason why I stopped watching television and reading newspapers. We know what is wrong and right if we listen to our inner voices, we don’t need all the fearmongering and hate spitting. How can they say we need to be respectful and humane while they show the opposite by starting wars and create a divide of society. We are still one race The Human race, they fear the day we see the truth and their lies.

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But how does it change how I feel then? By not living in anxious feelings created by what you see, read or hear. Once you stop watching and taking in all the negative energy that comes through the tubes, it will give your brain time to start analyzing the world around. You will feel grateful and more free, isn’t that what we all want? The next step that will happen is that you see the world through different eyes. Smile at a passerby while you greet them, see how that affect a person positively. Being a kind human isn’t that difficult. Help someone without expecting anything back. Sharing is caring, use your empathy to see how that charges the positive energy around you. We are not born to self destruct or destroy, we are here to make it work for all of the people and living organisms on this planet.

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I always recommend meditation to find inner peace. On YouTube, you can find lots of helpful video’s that can help with meditation and breathing Technics. Believe that anything is possible and there to help and share. Maybe try to listen to meditative music while relaxing in your favorite place. Walk in the forest while listening to the sounds around you. Enjoy the simple things, appreciate what nature provides. You will find yourself in a new world full of wonder and beauty. By sending out positive energy, you can turn things around and make it better for you and the world around you. Positive energy is contagious and will spread from one person to the other. We all want to feel free and positive 24/7. We don’t belong in a world full of doubt and fear, it makes everything look so colorless and bleek.

Join the positive vibes of the Love Tribe and dance trough life.



Here we stand

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We think we know but do we really
Is it the time we live in or just our mind
Do we see the truth or is it still hidden behind
Let us rewind and find the way to inside
Stress and fear keeps us walking blind
We all want to be freely 

Roads seem to go in sharp bends when we chase
Living life it is a race for something out of sight
Did we lose our touch of being kind 
Is it the way we see each other when we walk away
Eye's burnt on screens to take in
We are walking blindly

Close your eyes and breath deeply
It is never easy to see the fears we learned
Thoughts become truthful in the now so creepy
The mind needs to be reset and aimed at less
Before we bump on the dead-end
Look inside to how you were born
That is where we stand

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If I was only me

I woke up inside my head from the slumber
Am i again going deeper into the me
My breath cold from the feelings outside of my vessel
I am growing again till the glowing starts again
Closing my eyes just to clearly see

I can't explain what is really happening to the blinded ego
All I know is that it feels so strong and full insight-fully right
My hands are tingling from the energy that is bursting trough
The voice in my head dying slowly till it sighs

My broken body no longer a fright just a shimmer like a dimmed light
When is just a word in the place where i fight
Stronger and full of sure I rip away from the past me
Sounds of the universe sing the song of joy to be
If I only was me then i would be truly free



How it feels to find the true you when you awake from the slumber that we call life. Sometimes it happens just because of a traumatic experience or a painful loss in our lives to understand that there is more then only the fysical world. Enjoy the state of knowledge that starts to awaken inside of you, don’t be scared of it let it grow and guide you.

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My thoughts

When it seems the end, a beginning is born.


My brain can be a whirlwind at times, but it will be silenced by meditation or listening to music. It allows me to tap into my feelings and clear thoughts from the soul. I learned to see and feel without fear of losing myself. You have to understand that it didn’t start overnight, It was a long and challenging road I didn’t understand and got lost along the way many times. To make it short without going into many details I will try to explain the challenges I had to go through and learn.

I faced depression several times and learned to see the triggers and thoughts that kept it going. That made it easier to understand and work with. Studying the brain and how the psychology of it works helped a great deal with it. I felt different and was continuous searching for my own identity. (this made the depression going as-well) It stopped when I started to love myself and who I was. No more trying to fit in boxes or groups, that made me realise that it divided me from the rest of the world. Art, writing poems, music where the tools I used to get where I am now.

I feel so, I am alive. That brought me to what I am started today. Trying to teach what I learned and see. How many times did we pass someone that required some help? I just can’t help feeling sad when I see that people suffer and need a shoulder or a little hand. Animals that are in need while we rush by because we are in a hurry. We can help without it costing any money. It only cost us a bit of time, respect and love.

Let’s put our warmth and love together and give that reaching hand a go. There is nothing to be afraid or ashamed off, we are born without any judgement or fear, let’s use that power that we have within us and start to make a little difference in our own area or town.


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Kindness rules the world.

Thank you for coming to my blog. Awareness and spreading love is what you will find here. Spreading the energy and make waves that matter to all of us on this planet.

So why did i started this blog? We live in a world where we all are focused on the horrible things that is visible all around us. It just touches my heart and soul to see suffering in every possible way.

So why am i doing this?

  • Making people aware of that they matter and they are never alone.
  • Hopefully show it isn’t really hard or difficult to help/support others.
  • little things can make big changes to your and others lives.
  • Because i believe in the goodness in people.

Let’s do this together and show we can make changes happen all over the planet. This might help you and others on their way to explore the kindness of humanity.

So why do this in blogs:

  • I thought it might be the right time to do it now openly.
  • The topics i will use will be diverse.
  • So hopefully it will spark something in every reader to make a difference.
  • Change can only happen when we work together on this, that is my aim.

It doesn’t matter where you are from or what background you have, we all have the strength and love in our hearts to be a kind and good person. We are all on this ball of rock and dirt together with plants, animals, organisms that matter and need each-other.

Life is a journey and we don’t have to travel alone on the road trip of wonder and kindness. The beauty of it is we can share and support each-other while moving forward. Just love and understanding full of respect for everything that surrounds us. So jump on the wagon of kindness and warmth and journey together with millions of people from all over this planet.


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