Silence speaks loud

In between the time to be and the time to rest
Somewhere deep inside there lives the test
Opening up more than you expect it to affect
Known to go over the borders and suffer the pain
I will always recover and remain the same
With all due respect, I will never give way or accept
Learning it day by day and step by step
I am becoming the silence that needs to be next

In the time of standing here and going there
There is this path of knowledge and effect
I need more rest to be able to reset
Am I so loud while I am in silence in the now
Learning as a curve of reason and sanity
I can’t be going on as I did, I have to admit
It will destroy all If build to resist

My silence speaks loudly and proud
I know where I came from and where I am about
No reason to be stressed just to be blessed in the here and now
Silence speaks loud
There is no doubt

Namasté 🙏

Why I am alive

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In a world so full of itself, I run in circles to find the exit
But where is the kindness gone? I am lost within
Some say it is the way we should go to be free
But it doesn’t count for all, or is this just me
Inside I feel the burning of my energy deeply
The reasons I cry for those who suffer and are lost

In a world so depressed and angry, I detest
Nothing could ever make me change my feeling or sight
They say it is how it is, and we shouldn’t be free
Forgive me as I refuse to stop being me
I live to be and to help to understand this madland
The more reason I got to be kind and lend a hand

Why do we hide in the world of shadows every day
Can we please shed some light on the forever night inside
Let me show you the world that is waiting for all
Nature calls while Humanity grows never to fall
The call of empathy is in the air tonight
That is why I am alive

Namasté 🙏

Motivational uplifting content

Depression is not a life sentence or the end of everything. It is a difficult state of mind that keeps you in a black hole for a while, but you will get out of it and look up at the sun and think: Damn, I made it, and I feel better and stronger. Depression is not something that is a made-up thing, or you can just think it away. It is as real as asthma or heart disease; it is a mental health issue that needs attention for the sake of you. Never ever let a temporary mental difficult state push you to a solution that will be final. Talk to people about it and never hideaway. Suicide is final and not the answer. You matter to lots of people even though you don’t see it at the moment. Step up and go outside for a walk in the sun. I am speaking to you from experience, and I just came out of a depressed state. You will grow and be stronger and better than you went into depression. You are love… you are more than you think you are.

Motivational, uplifting content.

So why give up while you know you will be stronger and wiser at the end of the grey cloud you are in now. It will pass like the night will turn in to the day. The most important thing you have to remember yourself is that you have to move and be active. Nature is an excellent way to relax and get your mind into a state of silence for a bit. Depression is not a joke, and I know. You will be on a hard road for a while, and it won’t ever be easy; life isn’t easy. Life is hard and unpredictable, so make yourself the best version of yourself and show yourself that you are more than capable of becoming stronger and better. You are the only one that can do it.

Namasté 🙏

Mr. Mind for Help-Helping

I am back to boost the positive vibes.

Sorry, it was silent for such a long time. A lot of things happened in between the last post and where I am now. But like everyone on this planet, we are all in this together. Struggles to get by day by day, lockdowns, changed laws, etc. But we are getting stronger in our views and minds while advancing in this mad world. I hope you all are doing well and are healthy and safe. I will be writing again to boost the positive boost and help others feel better in this ever-changing world.

Namamsté 🙏

Conquest of the mind

Close to the edge of your sanity, there is a path of joy
On the road to peace, there is a sign of love waiting
Did you dive into the lake of fear and doubt
Where is the guide to my mind
It doesn’t matter how fast I run or how much I hide
The thoughts that haunt you give you the fright

Battle gear is ready for the fight for the Conquest of the mind
Fully armoured and ready to stop hiding inside
Open up and face the darker waters that smother the light
We are not born to hide in fear or fright
Raise your arms to the sky and chant the words of love to the self
You are ready for the fight that kept you locked out from outside

From the time your eyes felt the light you were there to be right
It is time to open up inside and stand your ground to light up the night
You are on a conquest of the mind

When humanity is cold around you

Inside the rooms of our mind, we hide the troubles we didn’t leave behind
Sometimes we hear them screaming and knocking when we are too silent
We lay down on the floor to feel alive again
Do you remember the sounds of the laughter and the love
It lives inside us behind the closed doors we locked to hide
Love can never let you down when you swim for the shore

Strangers try to call the sanity back from the rooms of thoughts
Remember the dreams you have when you played in the fields
See the flowers grow to be free from the seed
It still lives inside you and me as long as we are willing to see
Remember that faith and hope are keys to set it free
We know the path is overgrown with the fearful weeds

The time has come to open doors and set everything free
Here it is the start of something we all can be
When humanity is cold around you, then use your keys

Namasté 🙏🏻 Mr. Mind

Here we are again

I slept in a bed of confusion and fear.
Nothing helpt to find dreams and love.
Once I woke up from this nightmare of disillusion I could see.
The sun inside of me.
Kneeling on the past to pressure the future to get up.
We are here again.

I sit in the room of thoughts and philosophy, staring out of my third eye.
How did we become so numb and silent
My eyes close while I sit on the floor, facing the silence to break it down.
The answers slight by in a train of pictures
It is time to put the anger down to unload the fear.
Once you can see, there is love on the horizon.

I am walking in the fields of my mind looking around the forest of the divide.
When we find the start, we can go to the end.
Raise Your arms to the sky and whisper to the universe that we are here.
Time after time we saw it go down never to rise up.
Here we are again to give it the last try to save it all.
My hands are full of seeds of love and respect to plant it in the new soil.

Take the step to walk up to the ladder of hope and faith.
Understanding we are all from the same dust and energy born to be.
Breathing deeply and full trust, we will arrive before time.
Opening up all possibilities to unfold the reality for all.
Here we are again.

Namasté 🙏🏻 Mr. Mind

The Silence is here

Once the time went on the silence just won
The fear that was the knife that cuts in emotions
Music builds up energy to flow on towards the higher me
Paths of joy start glowing under the sky of crystals
Slowly we climb up to the stars to reach the never-ending
Like the strings of the violin, it sings to my heart

We sleep on broken pillows and silent beds
So deep as I go the world doesn’t know the true me
I am awake in a slumber of time and muted by age
Mother Gaia cries for help and I hear the sobbing
Once is a never in this place of contradictions
Are we home in this grey and misty world

I see and hear when I close my eyes to understand the unseen
To all of us, it is just a path to the end of the beginning
But in between the numb feelings creep in
The silence is here again
The silence that I just ignore


Once i existed for a while

I am a different kind of human in a world full of doubt
Here I exist like an unborn child in silence waiting for the light
There are dreams that my mind always understood
I am a different kind of soul in a universe that wants to exist
Where I go is still wonder and magical thoughts full of love
Opening up my arms to embrace the world

In here we exist for a while in colour and golden lines
My whispers are sounds of magic in the shadows of the never-ending
The answers are born in the light of my inner child
I know all I learned growing up but want to forget
Even when I see the outside every once and a while I cry
Just learning to walk again in a place I want to rise

Why does the rain feel so strong and the wind so cold
I want to go back to the wonder and the rainbows of gold and light
Here My wonder starts again to fuel the fire inside to grow
Universe my mother is calling for me to come
Once I existed for a while now, I am coming home again
Once I existed for a while till I opened up and went

The new world we entered

We all got to this doorstep called the new normal. But it is not the new normal we have to go by as painted it to us. We can design it to our views and beliefs. In a world full of divide and propaganda, it isn’t easy to see clearly and where to go. Mainstream media is just gathering views and numbers by fear and biassed communication. So how do we go on from now on then?

In my opinion, it is what we feel is right; not what they tell us is the truth. We have seen it before over and over again that it gets twisted to fit the shoes they wear. In some way, they are confused by all the things they have to keep up to keep the control going. We have to use our brain and sensibility to get to the right answers rather than take it in. How long will we be able to keep living in a world that is suffering from dividing and hate?

Just be love and respectful to all and understand we are not all the same, but we are one in some way. No more lies and dividing by political or race, gender or whatever they come up with the next time. Unity and love will rule the world and creates a better environment for all to live. Much love to all of you and remember that your voice and feelings do make a difference.


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